This is how we add a new page

For Each of your Literary devices please insert this information into a new page:

+ ( Lit Device name )
++ Definition:

*Definition Goes here*

++ Examples:



++ Photo:

[[<image (Image URL Goes here)]]

When you have found the image you want to use go to Set these requirements: file type = Image
Image Resize = Website / Email
Ignore the Tags Option

Use the Direct Link Option!

First thing you need to do is create the page. you can do that by typing in the name of your Lit device below and then copy and pasting the code from this page onto the other page. Please make sure to copy the information identically because we want this to look consistent.

Add a new page

After everything is finished. Your page should look like this.

Literal meaning


taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory.


1) I want to go to the park.

2) Jeff always loved to eat ice cream.